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Taylor, Taylors or Taylor's may refer to:


  • Taylor (surname)
  • Taylor (given name), including Tayla and Taylah
  • Taylor sept, a branch of Scottish clan Cameron
  • Justice Taylor (disambiguation)




  • Taylor, British Columbia

United States

Businesses and organisations

Science and technology

Other uses

  • Taylor Series, infinite series of polynomials which asymptotically approaches infinitely differentiable functions
  • Taylor's law, an empirical law in ecology
  • Taylor rule, in economics
  • Taylor Law, an article of New York State Law
  • Taylor (crater), on the Moon
  • "Taylor" (song) by Jack Johnson, 2004
  • USS Taylor, the name of several American ships

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  • Tailor (disambiguation)
  • Taylorism, a theory of scientific management, named after Frederick Winslow Taylor
  • Tylor
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